3 weeks at least lets us see where your hair follicles are actually still producing hair.

4-6 weeks gives us a cleaner wax because hair cycle has had a chance to drive all the hairs up to the surface to be pulled out. This will give you longer lasting results. If you are a new client and we are doing a full rehab on you, you may find that keeping your appointments closer to the 4-week mark helps to keep you on track towards your new shape. If you are having a hard time getting used to the new areas of regrowth in your brows, you may find that 3-week appointments help get you through this awkward stage.


Yes! Of course sometimes life gets in the way, maybe we are coming from work or just forgot and that’s OK. We can clean your lashes here but honestly, we never get them as clean with our removers as you can at home with soap and water. Also, when we have to give them an additional rub to get that mascara off, there’s a chance of causing more irritation when we need to put our solutions on after.

Water or moisture should not come in contact with your lashes for at least 24 hours after a lash lift because water will alter the disulphide bonds in the hair’s cortex once they have set via chemical change.